The Lost Ninjaz Scrolls

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a little boy named Wei-Fu was born into a young family whose parents were Samurai. They were proud and modest people, both working at one of the country’s largest banks full time. They often came home late to Wei-Fu who waited eagerly to be tucked into bed at night.

They spoke about money freely at the dinner table and they instilled the importance of saving money over the years, encouraging their children to work hard and earn good money doing good work for big companies, who could provide good benefits.

So Wei Fu did what he was told. He worked hard, saved a lot of money, and prospered. He was happy.

Until one day he ventured outside of town to go to a meeting that was recommended to Wei Fu by a friend. The meeting was to meet a man, a mentor from another town. This man was average looking, who dressed in regular clothes, but something was special about this man. He was different. He walked different and he talked different. He seemed happier…. He smiled more… More than anyone else Wei Fu had ever met before.

What happened next was Wei Fu’s Mind became shocked and awed by the information that the man shared…
The man gave information to Wei Fu that he had never considered before. Information about the very banks that his parents worked at for so many years.

Wei Fu went home and did his own research.
What he found was that it seemed on the surface that the banks were helping people. Encouraging people to save their money with their ads and brochures. Encouraging people to invest their money so that it would grow for the future.

However, behind the curtains, banks silently stole the wealth of the people through fees and complicated words that the average person did not know. They preyed on the weaknesses of uneducated citizens who trusted them to manage their money. They made deals with other companies, politicians and governments and kept the interest of their customers at the very, very far back… of their minds.

The forefront of the banks owners (banks are owned by people) mind were making money for themselves. They devised ways to make money without using their own money! They used their customers money to invest in big investment deals in other parts of the country to build buildings, power plants, and companies where the bank would make 100% to 300% return on their money… while they gave their customers a measly 1% interest rate.

Keeping the other 200 – 299% for themselves.

Wei-Fu wouldn’t share his new financial knowledge with his friends or family who he felt weren’t serious about the knowledge. His family scoffed at his attempts to learn more but the young man intuitively knew the financial education he was getting from school and his family was missing something. Soon other people in town found out about his ambition and also joined in laughing at Wei Fu. The young man was quickly rumored to be a ninja after people spotted him studying late at night on his own and meeting with known money masters at questionable locations, trying to keep his financial footsteps secret.

Wei-Fu’s money started to increase and soon he was making more money in one phone call than he didnt in half a year. He had the ability to work whenever he wanted and make as much money as he desired. This was perfect for him as he didn’t want to miss tucking his own children into bed at night. He vowed to spread financial wisdom to all people who were serious about learning the truth about money and so the Financial Ninjaz was born, leaving the Samurai festering in anger from Wei Fu’s mission to spread financial knowledge around the world.


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