Become A Financial Ninja

The One Money Lesson We Should Have Known Before Making Our First Dollar

How to Start Using Your Money the Right Way to Build Wealth and Create a Better Financial Future


Most people believe that “the more money I make, the better off I will be.” But that’s not true. It’s actually BS. 

Even if your income was to go from $100k to $500k a year, your financial situation would still be the same…


…all because you missed an important money lesson before spending your first dollar.


As a veteran financial adviser, I can assure you that with that mindset, you will still worry about money and have money problems. 

And most people do.

And you will feel uncertain about your financial future. 

I’m not here to preach to you about financial minimalism. (Stop buying expensive coffee etc.)

Because the secret to more money lies in understanding money, how it works, and how to best use it.  NOT by just simply making more.

But here is the shocking truth – it’s not your fault if you feel you don’t have enough money… Why? 


The Money System Was Designed to Make You Poor


But now you can count yourself lucky. After what I want to show you, you will be among the few who, instead of being trampled by the money system, they are empowered to overcome it.

And ultimately achieve true financial freedom and wealth.

There are a lot of people who wished they had access to this information a long time ago.

And they (we) pay a very high price because of their ignorance.

Marriages have ended because of not knowing the truth about money.

Some people are now sick because they believed the lies about money and sacrificed their health for it. 

Some people now face an uncertain future because they didn’t get what you are about to learn. 

As you will discover, the money system was meant to make other people wealthy and everyday people like you and me poor. But with The Financial Wakeup Call and The Power of A True Money History that you are about to receive, that will not be your destiny.


No amount of hard work will do. 

And no amount of making more money or expense tracking or careful budgeting can help.

You will only wear yourself out with more work, more stress, and more despair.  Why? Because you dont have the truth yet… The solid foundation yet.


Here is my promise to you: 

You will never spend, earn, or think about money the same way after what I plan to share with you.


This is regardless of how many financial books or blogs you have read.

Or how many financial workshops or webinars you have attended.

Because I’m pretty sure you’ve never encountered what you are about to learn here anywhere else.


We Should Have Learned This Years Ago


When we were still living with your parents.

When we were still in school.

When we had no job and had just come out of college.

When we were still unmarried and not yet a parent. 

When we had not made our first investments.

I believe if we had this information then…


…by now, you would have been financially educated, aware, independent and no longer worried about your retirement or the future of your children.


You could have perhaps built enough wealth and stopped worried about working or living paycheque to paycheque.

Or at least, you would not be yearning for a raise, a promotion (or in some cases, looking for a second job).

Instead, you would now be spending more time with your family and not worrying away all the time, chasing money. 

All this because this information is so empowering it has already changed the lives of many people. 


The Only Reason You’ve Never Learned About This


If this information is so damn important – how come you have never heard about it? 

Does it mean your financial advisor doesn’t know about it?

Don’t the teachers in school know it?

Don’t your priest, clergy, or spiritual teacher know it? Do they share it with you?

Don’t the financial gurus writing books and hosting webinars know about this?

Do they share it with you?


As I said, the system was designed to make your poor and those people haven’t figured out how to beat it. 

Don’t believe me just yet. I’ve done hours and hours and hours of research… Years and years of research to find this information and we’ve got it. And we can share it with you and simplify it too.

I want to show you that you can beat the system! If you know how!

I want you to kick back and stop being a slave to money (without indulging in anything financially illegal of course). Remember, you cant skip steps. You can’t take shortcuts. They come back to kick you in the ass.


My goal, after you finish reading this, is to help you to be aware of:

  • How you use your money. 
  • How you earn your money.
  • How much money you’ve actually got
  • And how to better manage it.
  • What money really is.
  • The true history of money and how it evolved
  • How banks and other institutions make more money than you or I ever will

and how the laws are set up in their favour and not ours


Remember, “The Truth will set you free.”


And also discover money’s real purpose (and how it slowly became a tool of oppression for the world’s people).


But Why Me?


My name is Michael Santonato.

Michael Santonato

Unlike most financial advisors, it’s not just my financial certifications and qualifications that set me apart from the others.

I have been dealing with money long before most of us only thought of buying candy.

And by the time I was 20, I was already a serious investor and more financially savvy than all of my friends. I was the first to buy stocks, the first to buy property, the first to start a business…

I didn’t do it alone and it was no accident: My parents were bank managers. I’m the youngest of 4 siblings. I was taught a solid financial education by the time I was 18.

As such, a career in finance was a natural option for me. I had plenty of experience before I was even a licensed financial advisor. And both my parents were bank managers who taught me a great deal about investing and money. 


The Vital Truth, Why I Created This


But vast experience isn’t the real reason I created what I want to teach you.

Rather, it was because I was motivated after something terrible happened.

There was this young man I once knew. He was intelligent and very ambitious, without a doubt, destined for success.

But like everyone else, he was wrong about one thing.

…the belief that MORE money was the answer.


And then something terrible happened.

There was a meeting at the company where he worked.

And everyone had to get in front of the company audience and reveal their ambitions to the crowd.

When it was the young man’s turn, he said his big goal was to make a million dollars in life.

There was no applause.

No celebratory ‘hurrah.’

His colleagues laughed at him. And they mocked him and labeled him the “million-dollar kid.”

After that moment, he was never the same again.

He left his job and became depressed. 


And later on, he committed suicide. 


When I found out, I…  I was mad.


I was touched. I was hurt. This was a vibrant young man I considered a friend. We had laughed together. I had driven him to a few events in my car.

But because of financial troubles, and having no one to turn to, he took his life.

You are, obviously, not suicidal, (thankfully) but then you might be going through the same money problems. The same stress.

And now you spend your nights helplessly wondering “how and why?”, searching for answers.  

Do you know that most marriages are ending because of financial problems? 

Do you know that people see their kids and spouses only a few hours in an entire week because they are busy “making money”?

Do you know that people are now overweight, sick and losing their minds because they have no time to play? No time freedom.

I didn’t help my friend end his financial woes, but if I can help you end yours, then I’ve done my part.

I would like to help you achieve true financial freedom. I’d like to help start you on the path to the education you never got.


So you can

Have peace of mind.


Afford the things you now can’t.

And travel the world if that’s what you want.


Introducing the First-Ever

‘Financial Wake-up Call’

Most people don’t understand money or how it works.


Which puts us in extremely high levels of unnecessary debt and financial stress. 


So I created the first-ever Financial Ninjaz Wake-up Call Course…

To wake us up!

…perfect for anyone who is tired of being a slave to money (and now wants to gain the power to have total control over their financial position).

Consider this the foundational financial education you should have received long ago.


In the Financial Wake-up Call course, you will learn about:

  • How the financial system was created and became what it is today
  • Why that’s ultra important to your financial well being
  • How to get around it and come out ahead
  • How to make money work for you (and not be a slave to it)
  • Learn about your own personal financial history and how to move forward from this moment on
  • Who tried to stop the financial pirates who profit from our hard work
  • How they succeeded once and how you and I can too


But this is not all, you will also get the following bonus for choosing to be a part of the program.

Access to the Financial Ninjaz Community…

…where you will meet others who’ve realized how to use money to their advantage. People who are on a journey; learning, investing and improving every day.

People who, like you, want to achieve true financial independence


All this means one thing for you:

  • You will get a true financial education and an understanding of why it might not be your fault if you are in a difficult financial situation
  • You will discover what you need to do to start building true wealth (it’s not about more money)
  • You will change the way you think about money
  • You will see your financial situation differently.
  • You will soon start becoming financially independent
  • You will have the time and money to enjoy the good things in life
  • And you will never again wonder “why or how” about your retirement or the future of your children


You will have learned a few key essentials about money. 

But you have never learned what you will find in the Financial Wakeup Call course.

Here’s the Link



More Money Never Made Anyone Rich


No good pair of shoes will make you run better if you can’t run in the first place.

It’s the same here.

If you don’t know this information, regardless of how many businesses you start, regardless of how many 7-figure jobs you get, your situation won’t change.

But with this course, you will discover whether your money is contributing to your wealth or not (it doesn’t for most people and that’s why this will be so important for you).

You will discover a little trick to see if you’ve been using your money the right way (and learn exactly what to do to correct that from this moment on).

You will discover the real reason banks are not your friend (and learn the better options you have).

You will connect yourself deeply to your current mindset about money and discover if it’s helping you financially.

You will unlearn what you think is the truth about money and learn what is really true.

And the best part, the course is short and delivered in a fun way.


Let’s Do the Math


This education can easily double, triple, and even quadruple your money in just a few years. 

All this without you working any harder than you do now. 

Or taking on a second job.

Or cutting down on all the essential things you love.

And remember my promise.

You have never had this kind of information before.


So I can assure you that what you are about to learn here will complement and make you get the most from whatever financial knowledge you have on money and investing.


But here’s the cool part. I know people sell information online like this for hundreds of dollars and most people dont even take the courses they buy….  But I want this to be a no-brainer.

So I made the course short and affordable for anyone.


This information will require an investment of $59.


Only this small amount for a chance to get a firm grip on your money, your wealth, and your financial future.


But that’s not all…

…if you get this course and you do not like it after 30 days, you can request your money back and we will swiftly return it to you.


No questions asked.

Here’s the Link


This Is That Kind of Moment

There are countless ways to increase your income.

And even more ways on how to invest it.

But al that money will never feel enough if you don’t know what I want to show you. 

The solution is one click away.

A True Financial Education is within an arm’s reach.

And this is the moment.


You can ignore this and continue to work as hard as you can. 


Or you can get this course and let it help you get a firm grip and understanding of money.


You should have learned about this years ago. 

But it’s not too late. 

Here’s the opportunity for transformation. 

Here’s the Link


One More Thing


If you make at least $70,000 a year, then you are already making enough money to have total financial independence.

But if you are convinced you still need more money, you are in dire need of a financial mindset transformation.

Will you grab this opportunity now?


Here’s the Link


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