The Ninjaz Method

  • 1. Be aware of your surroundings. (current financial numbers and patterns)
  • 2. Assassinate wasteful spending.
  • 3. Slash high interest debt and nasty Bank fees.
  • 4. Increase your knowledge and tools,
  • 5. Leverage your opponent's weaknesses.
  • 6. Grow your all-powerful, abundant garden and tool chest.

The Ninjaz Code

1. Be a Student

Study yourself and your opponent, always sharpen your blade/skills.

2. Be Quick

When you find an opportunity, learn about it, study it.

3. Be Nimble

If the opportunity is right, act on it quickly. Don’t hesitate! Strike now!

4. Be The Community

Support the village/tribe. Help your fellow brothers and sisters and help others.

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5. Report Back

Tell others what you have found, share it so that everyone may benefit.


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